What we’re learning:

–children are using marijuana regularly as early as 8 years old.
–marijuana can be addictive.
–the brain is most vulnerable between 12-15 years old. Using marijuana during this period decreases brain function by 20%. The brain continues to grow all the way up until 30 years old.
–hospitals and recovery centers are seeing a marked increase in marijuana use and mental health issues.
–there are a number of studies showing a link between regular marijuana use and onset of schizophrenia. 
–marijuana use has been known to trigger psychosis, depression, anxiety and paranoia.
–a-motivational syndrome is common with regular marijuana users.
–accidents are on the rise involving marijuana users.
–studies are showing decrease in IQ of heavy marijuana users.
–marijuana may not be safe for those with compromised immune systems: products show elements of pesticides, mold and bacteria.
–it’s never safe to smoke anything.
–marijuana can be a gateway drug.
–those who use marijuana regularly often experience issues with family, friends, co-workers, school and finances.
–the perception that marijuana is safe, natural, a plant, is confusing our children from understanding there are risks.
–always weigh the risks v. benefits. 
–studies conclude that it is never safe for a child to use marijuana. 
–children with life threatening illnesses and uncontrollable pain may find the benefits outweigh the risks. 
–education is key to making healthy choices.