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Truth Be Told about the Legalization of Marijuana


After spending 2 days at a Marijuana Summit in San Diego and listening to experts on the subject including several from states where it has been legalized I think everyone should see this. I think many who don’t know the true facts and think that legalization would solve most of the problems from reduction of crime to solving our budget crises with tax dollars may think twice.

The moderator was Dr. Kevin Sabet who served for the third time in the White House as the Obama Administrator’s Senior Advisor at the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy. He is now the head of SAM(Smart approaches to Marijuana) and directs the institute on drug policy at UF and is a consultant working with governments, NGO’s the media and other organizations on a wide range of drug policy issues.

Additional speakers were Tom Gorman of Rocky Mt. HIDTA, Steve Freng of Northwest HIDTA and Rob Bovett of association of Oregon Counties. All three of these speakers were representing states where Marijuana has been legalized. So hearing the information of what is really happening after legalization in their states.

One very interesting statement I found was that if Marijuana wasn’t addictive then we wouldn’t be having this discussion. This is the same fight that has been fought before with Alcohol and Tobacco. Like these it’s about money making for the small majority and is fueled by private equity and wall street.

Remember the (Big) Tobacco industry in the early days. Marketing to youth with flavors and big stars who smoked. The tobacco didn’t smoke themselves they reserved that for the young, black and ignorant at the time. Addiction starts more when young so by getting youth to start they would have years of profit from those hooked. Sadly it took 100 yrs. To fully discover the harm and many many deaths Tobacco has created.

The speakers from the states that had legalized had some interesting findings:

Denver has more dispensaries’ than Pharmacy’s

Fatalities are up by 20% in Denver due to Marijuana

Denver’s youth use percentage is 56.08 percent the 3rd ranked in the nation

College age is up as well

2014 Marijuana Traffic fatalities were up by 30%

Emergency room visits due to Marijuana has increased

Hospitalization is up, Poison control calls are up, and Crime is up

The increase in tax revenue in Denver only amounts to 1% of the taxes total

Oregon grows 4-5X’s the amount they consume in their state (Hmmm wonder where the rest goes?)

These states have found it very difficult to regulate, zone, tax, keep up with increased crime, cartels, grows and more.

The graphs and information shown and presented by the speakers from each state really could open the eyes of Californians about the truth of what may be instore for us if we legalize Marijuana. Really check into the facts and finding from places already in the mist of the mess of legalized Marijuana.