What we do

We support, educate, and bring awareness to our community!

We provide addiction and substance abuse prevention and educational programs to communities, schools, youth, and parents.



Youth walk through life of poor choices, then with good choices.

This program was well received as well by both the youth and volunteers last year. The feeling was it really gave them the internal feeling of how hard life is when making poor choices of not graduating high school, having kids at a young age, being an ex-offender, being behind on rent, utilities, getting kids to child care, paying bills and having no free time or money for anything else vs making better choices of graduating, getting some kind of job or furthered education, having kids when your prepared, not having a record and having the income to pay your bills and still get to have luxuries


You get the chance to walk through the life of an addict.

This is a consequence-driven program for our community members aged 10 and up.

Town Hall Prevention Movie Screenings

Free screenings of 

  • Behind the orange curtain
  • The new face of drugs
  • Champions of champions
  • If only
  • and more!

Red Ribbon Week Events

Different high school leadership groups participate in different events during the week.

  • Paint the town red
  • Liberty high leadership ties ribbons around downtown
  • Poster contest offered in elementary schools
  • Other programs/events/red ribbon prizes

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